SISE Moving Image Edited and Completed

After choosing the clips, I edited them using Premiere Pro to form a 1 min video with only ambient sound and a bit of natural sound.

Due to the short time length of the video, some of the clips that are meant to be used have to be taken out, especially the night scenes, as I realised I am not able to form smooth sequences if add those within the timeline of 1 min.

It is indeed proving to be a challenge to create good clip in such short time duration but overall I pretty like the process and the challenge it gave me. XD

Below is the completed clip:


SISE Moving Image Part 4: More Shooting of night scene

Today is basically more of the same shots, in almost same angle, but with me doing different things, and also in different time of the day as evident from the light from the window.

Also added scenes where I left the room and also on me coming back from outside in the darkened room.
Will start editing by tomorrow when I compiled everything.

SISE Moving Image Part 3: Storyboard and Shooting Part 1

This is a rough storyboard using pictures taken with my phone, showing the sequences that I want to include in the moving image.

Basically, it will start sort of in late morning, and then focus on my computer, then to my breakfast, to show the first part of my everyday life: Breakfast and using Internet.

Today shall focus mostly on recording this part of the clips, most will be static frame, slight zoom in and panning down.

May take timelapses if I have enough time.












SISE Moving Image Part 2: Planning and Rented Equipments

I have finally managed to book a camera from the school, it’s really quite hard and troublesome, as so many people loan out the camera for their projects, I have to wait two days to get my turn at using this Nikon D90 and a good Manfrotto Tripod.

For the location, I have decided to capture my room to tell a 1min story, focusing on the windows especially, to show the view that I saw from my room changes, as I only have this window in my room to see outside. It is also used as a place where I dry my towels and shirts etc.

Tomorrow shall be the starting of shoot, in a fixed location and angle mostly so it can show a bit of time lapses from morning to night.