Editing Last few parts of Documentary

Today we gathered at Aaron’s place once again to finish and further trim down the clips, add cutaways shot and finally add some effects to the clips. Bg music has also been added with some cuts to the dialogue.

The clip is almost 90% done, with some parts left to clean up, and adding Titles.



SISE Still Image Part 5

What an unexpected day to be able to take some pictures of a mailman taking the letters and parcels out of the box! Was actually walking around Strokecroft looking for ideas for Moving Image project , but by some chance, was passing by the box when a mailman opens it up and I manage to get the shots with him inside!!

Shall check it out next time to try to capture in more angles!



SISE Still Image Assignment Part 4

Today it drizzles for some time and the clouds are cloudy, forming many water droplets on the box. Capture some of the usual angle but this time added a bit of effect using the water droplets on the lens.

Today tries to show the wetness and flakiness and wear and tear of the box as it is drenched under the rain.

Water droplets show some softening effect to show slight contrast with the texture of the box.

















Starting Editing on the Documentary of James Dalby

Today we finally started editing on the documentary and created rough footages in Aaron’s place, as last week’s plan was disrupted to to the unavailability of the computer room for us to use Avid.

Aaron’s place has a custom PC that allows us to make use of it’s capabilities to edit flawlessly on the system. We had synched the sounds from the Tascam with the footages and had managed created a rough 7 mins rough cuts from a 20 plus mins total footages taken.

Switched from Avid to Premiere Pro as we are more familiar with it , and also due to the short amount of time we have, which didn’t allow us to have the time to learn Avid, which is also only available in school.

So far, we have shots of Bristol cityscape yet to be added in, will do it in this week soon.



Deciding on a theme for Still Image Workshop

After pondering multiple ideas of what to take for the 5 pictures that I need to submit, I have decided on a simple everyday object that is commonly seen in Britain.

And that is the Post Office Box, the red metal box that is always seen but not always given particular attention to. I want to show the box going trough different weathers and time, it’s usage may have declined but it still stands right up, regardless of weather or time.

The 5 pictures will be of the post office box in going trough it’s normal routine :

1.┬áIt’s oldness, or the wear and tear it has done through
2. In the day
3. In the night
4. In the rain
5. Loneliness

TV Studio Workshop

I am the Floor Manager in this workshop, and it’s my first time doing such role. Finally able to learn that communication between each department of the studio and the ability to transfer this communication to the studio floor while broadcasting is really important!

Had fun doing it and I feel that everyone really did their best!