Scriptwriting Part 1 : Establish Plot, Characters and rough story

There’s been some changes to the group, with Tom swapped out for James as the former was absent.

We started off by each of us giving ideas through real life experiences or what they have seen in the news. Finally, after consolidating every ideas, we decided on a rough plot of murder and domestic violence. Following these themes, James suggested a poison from a plant called Lily of the Valley, which becomes the murder weapon of the plot.

I brought and wrote all these onto post-it-notes for easier organisation. For the characters, we planned to have a nanny getting involved in a murder plot between the wife and the husband over their only daughter. Slowly, we establish the time period and characters personalities. For the ending, we decided to leave it ambiguous, thus, we worked on the story backwards from the ending.

Overall, we managed to do a good rough storyline for the script that we wanted to write.