This is the result of the past week of shooting/recording/editing!


SISE Group Project : Final Editing

Today after the lecture, we edited the sound that was recorded using Tascam into the originally completed video which we edited last week using Hattie’s macbook.

We made the sound not in sync with the video, to make the background ambience sound more prevalent and given focus to give the ‘sense of place’.

The result came out better than I expected and we are ready for tomorrow’s presentation!! XD



SISE Group Project : Shooting Times

Today we started to shoot at The Lanes.
Zuza in charge of shooting from different angles and then Vikka covers up from other angles.
Hattie does the GoPro shots, while Sinead does the sound recording with Tascam and the shotgun mic.
I help out inbetween while they are playing bowling and also too exterior shots of The Lanes.

We play 2 rounds of bowling and then moved on to playing pool for another different shots using GoPro mostly to show the place has many activities to do. Too bad we don’t get to drink but it’s still too early for that.
Overall, we had a fun time and also shoot many good pictures/sound/videos of the place which we probably edit in tomorrow or friday together by Zuza.











SISE Group Project : Roles and Planning

Today met up with the lecturers to discuss some of our web stuff and also on the group project.

We have decided to confirm our roles:

Me – Camera 1
Hattie – GoPro
Sinead – Sound
Zuza – Editor
Vika – Helper for all of the above.

Also, Zuza has a friend who lives at The Lanes who is said willing to be in the clip, acting out the ‘fun’ and also helps make us deliver the theme of ‘sense of place’ easier by including those who lived there for some time or has always visited that place.

Timeline is roughly about each of us having fun bowling, drinks and some games of pools.

SISE Group Project : The Lanes

Today met up with people of my groups and we discussed a place that we want to include as a theme of ‘a sense of place’.

After some time, we finally decided that we will go to The Lanes, a bar where bowling and playing pools are part of the activities to socialise there. We split up our roles meanwhile, and I become the Cameraman.

We visit the place and ask the one-in-charge for permission, he said we will have to email them and wait for their reply. However, my group decided that it will be better if we shoot on Sunday, since when we visit them today, it was really quite empty and quiet.

Created a facebook group for ourself in order to make it easier to plan or post stuff.