Research : Film Scoring Process by StopWatch Studio

I attended an optional talk on Film Scoring Process, by the director/sound designer of StopWatch Studios, James White. It is a small music production company created 4 guys and is based in Bristol.

They have done projects like creating musical scores for films, TV drama and even games. This studio is known for having special discount on personal custom music scoring for students for half the normal price. Also, it held a competition this year for students or anyone interested in creating short films with prizes of designing original musical score for the winner free of charge!

James White explains of how music makes a scene, it enhances the emotions of the audience, boosting the effect of what they see visually and combining both together for maximum impact. It tells story in ways that sometimes video can’t achieve, allowing small details of the environment/characters to be felt by the audience to make them more real in a sense.

I get to know of a composer’s job in the industry. They are actually completely different from the Sound Team, which normally consist of Foley Artist or Sound Designer etc. Furthermore, composers report directly to either the producer or director, thus working with a team that has a bad relationship between producer and director can make your life hard as each may request to change the scores according to their own individual preference.

Connections is very important as traditionally, which still is now, director/producer hires composers that they know well or have collaborated before.

Composers make the scores for films in most process, instead of the other way round. When composers discuss with the director, they normally request for Picture Locks to know the beats of each scene, so that they will be able to picture the suitable scores for that particular scenes.

James advise us not to use musical language to explain to composers, but employ straight simple words that emphasise the emotions desired for them to work it out.

Overall, I have finally learnt that being a composer is actually a pretty tough job as the conditions can sometimes be very extreme, such as given short time period or low budget to create an acceptable work by director/producer, and though I am interested in doing sounds, I am not really into composer’s life, thank you. XD

Research Database : Media Future

Company name : New Vision Media

They are a small media company that focused on creating contents based on what the clients ask for, be it video, photo or even website design. They don’t have a big crew and normally work individually except for bigger projects.

Jamie Wonnacott – Creative Director

Tel: 0117 963 7213
Mobile: 07816 500 105

This company is employing a more modern approach in media recruitment and works. I am interested in doing freelance works in the area of photography and video editing but I also do not want to be bound by long term contract like normal company. Also, it gives me a sort of more freedom of choice in my work while working for smaller company.