Final Piece

This is the final piece of the work that we did. All of us did our role well and finally manage to complete this within week!


Editing Last few parts of Documentary

Today we gathered at Aaron’s place once again to finish and further trim down the clips, add cutaways shot and finally add some effects to the clips. Bg music has also been added with some cuts to the dialogue.

The clip is almost 90% done, with some parts left to clean up, and adding Titles.



Starting Editing on the Documentary of James Dalby

Today we finally started editing on the documentary and created rough footages in Aaron’s place, as last week’s plan was disrupted to to the unavailability of the computer room for us to use Avid.

Aaron’s place has a custom PC that allows us to make use of it’s capabilities to edit flawlessly on the system. We had synched the sounds from the Tascam with the footages and had managed created a rough 7 mins rough cuts from a 20 plus mins total footages taken.

Switched from Avid to Premiere Pro as we are more familiar with it , and also due to the short amount of time we have, which didn’t allow us to have the time to learn Avid, which is also only available in school.

So far, we have shots of Bristol cityscape yet to be added in, will do it in this week soon.



Interviewing James Dalby

We spend a lot of time in school, and have the rest of the team deciding to further edit the questions and the way we approach the interview. We are,sadly, unable to loan out a pole boom mic for the interview, but are able to get hands on the normal Rodeo mic. Also, we have 2 cameras of our own , with our own tripods.

We spend most of the time in the library, deciding on angles, lighting, places where James is going to be interviewed. Luckily, there are 2 light stands in the library that we could use, together with small table and a sofa.

I suggested and prepared the table and some books and drinks to be placed on it to make James Dalby feel more ‘welcome’ and also to make the interview more professional. Basic hospitality is essential in interview.

I help out with taking pictures and also on recording sound from James Dalby.

We are shown James Dalby’s EasySlider, a slider for camera that can capture timelapse and that is also fully controllable through a knob, and he designed and created it all by himself.

I am truly impressed by the work of my team, as they are doing their roles so well and even feel like that they have prior experience in doing those. Overall, the interview went well and we received some good words from him.10641003_10204219703327164_2091749973417422033_n




Discussion on Interview Questions and Planning

Discuss with the groups on the basic flow of the questions that we are going to ask James Dalby, we try to make sure the questions are able to flow well into the next question and stay relevant to the theme about Media in Bristol, and also the differences of Indie and Corporate media.

We have decided to take out the CD shop Interview as we feel it is not relevant to what we want to include in the video and have decided to replaced it with an Art house that shows indie films and also offer free film skills-related workshops.

I have created a rough timeline for each 30 sec up to 4 min for the video.