Starting Editing on the Documentary of James Dalby

Today we finally started editing on the documentary and created rough footages in Aaron’s place, as last week’s plan was disrupted to to the unavailability of the computer room for us to use Avid.

Aaron’s place has a custom PC that allows us to make use of it’s capabilities to edit flawlessly on the system. We had synched the sounds from the Tascam with the footages and had managed created a rough 7 mins rough cuts from a 20 plus mins total footages taken.

Switched from Avid to Premiere Pro as we are more familiar with it , and also due to the short amount of time we have, which didn’t allow us to have the time to learn Avid, which is also only available in school.

So far, we have shots of Bristol cityscape yet to be added in, will do it in this week soon.




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