Interactive Media 11 : Porting to iOS

I was using Lydia’s iPhone 5 for the porting of the game to iOS this morning and realised that it posed to be a big problem. Unlike Android, which is based on open software, the iOS is a close software, and a strict one at that. While I have an easy time porting to Android at the click of a button, porting to iOS actually requires me to be a developer, which I might have to pay for. Thus, porting to iOS proved non-feasible. But thankfully I am able to port to Mac, Windows and Android with not much problem and everything almost error-free.

I have edited some of the Hansel Avatars to form the ghostly version of Hansel that will only appear if the player decided to abandon Hansel. It’s edited in Photoshop and applied the ‘Invert’ filter, it makes everything convenient while conserving the several facial expression of the originals. Time is not really on my side and I couldn’t afford to draw a completely original ones. If only I had the time, I would probably draw a bloodier version/tortured Hansel.

HanselShockedNegative HanselSmileNegative


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