Interactive Media 9: Multiple Endings & Remembering Choices & More Progress

After coding the menu for choices in-game that the players are allowed to choose, I have tried to experiment on making other characters remembering your choices or previous deeds. This means that if I choose to be a bad character with low morality, the other characters will treat you differently. For example, in the current prototype, player can choose to either betray the 3 pigs and help the Mr Wolfe or help to stop Mr Wolfe from eating the pigs. If the player choose the former, the character Red Riding Hood will appear in the later part of the game and reprimands Gretel for her actions. The same thing happens when the player chose to steal from Goldilock, which Red Riding Hood will know and speak different sentences to Gretel.

Alas, all these choices can be remembered and will lead to different endings. There are currently 6 different endings, of which there are 3 Good Endings that are only slightly different from one another, and 3 Bad Endings that are quite different. Some of the endings are premature endings which happen quite early on if the player choose very bad choices that lower their moralities by a large amount. Luckily I discovered that it is pretty easy to code this feature into the game itself to the simplification of the programming language.

Lastly, the final character to be drawn is the 3 Pigs. They have undergone pretty much changes from the original draft as they look too plain in the original. I have decided to give them shirts and trousers to wear and even some pretty cool hairstyles. Their color choices are based on the green-yellow-orange, a line of colour that is able to be mixed nicely, representing the 3 Pigs who are brothers. The three of them are their own being yet they have strong bonds with one another. The eldest pig is drawn to be more mature than the other two, with the youngest looking more child-like. Due to time constraint, I have not been able to find time to draw them separately and thus they are drawn as a single character avatar. However, due to the fact that only two of the pigs talk, it does not pose much of a problem to tell which pig is talking. I have made distinguishing the pigs easier by color coding the name, so the Eldest Pig text name and Youngest Pig text name will have different colours.

3Pigs 3PigsSmile


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