Interactive Media Research : Art-style

During the process of discussing our own version of mixed fairytales in the group meeting, we have gone through several revisions to try to change the characters to fit our own story world. The world we made is comprised of several fairytales like Red Riding Hood, 3 Little Pigs, Goldelocks and 3 Bears and Hansel & Gretel. We want to make a story that is dark and corrupted, filled with drugs etc to contrast with the original version.

However, we plan to make it modern, similar to Shrek but more of a fairytale in reality. I use my surrounding in UK, or Bristol as reference for this. Some characteristics such as piercing, dyed hairs and even eyepatches. However, the amount of details has to be controlled so as to not make everyone looks the same in style. Thus, I separate them into three categories, the younger generation and the older and animals. The former refer to teenagers or kids in the original fairy tales, like Gretel, Goldelock etc, the second refers to the Witches and Red Riding Hood who is of older age. The last one refers to humanoid animals that act like humans like the Bear, Wolf and 3 Pigs.

Gretel, Hansel and Goldelock is given pretty modern styles, with jackets, piercing and dye hairs or flashy accessories put on them. They are meant to be rebellious group age, which is similar to the real world. These characters will stand out more for what they look like, to give our players, who are mostly teenagers or young adult to relate better to them. I try to refer to them back and forth while drawing to ensure I do not make them look too similar in fashion style or hairstyle or colour usages.

For the Witch and Red Riding Hood, being an older character in age, I restrict myself from adding too much bright colours (except her hair), she wears a plain green colour shirt, for more conservative colour usage. As this is the only character that I infer from one of my groupmate’s drawing, the style is slightly different from the rest of the characters. Overall, it does not differ too much to look like it’s not from the same story world. Red Riding Hood is changed to be more mature and older in our version to create her as nemesis for the Witch, thus she is also kept as plain as possible even though the original source of Red Riding Hood is a young girl of similar age as Gretel and Hansel.

Lastly, for the animal characters, with the exception of Mr Wolfe, I minimise as much clothing or accessories as I could to retain their animal appearance. Their natural features such as nose, ears and furs are retained and in some case enhanced. Mr Wolfe is an exception to most of these because I believe that he is a more major character for the story and thus need to be different to stand out from his other animal peers. He is given a cigar and black hair and shirt, to symbolise his dealing in the darkness and also his cunningness that makes him fit to work for the likes of the evil Witch.

Background wise, we decide to use pictures that we have taken ourselves, as I do not have enough time to draw a good background. So rather than drawing a rushed yet bad backgrounds, I figure a good photography will do the trick. The same backgrounds will be edited to show the difference of timing, like morning, afternoon and evening. This allows us to make the game seems to have a sense of time and varied backgrounds even though some of them are of the same places.


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