Interactive Media 7 : Programming with adding effect to Image and Music & Progress

After further learning of the code process using online materials such as (Renpy wiki) and Forums, I start to get the hang of how things work in this software. And through all these, I am finally able to add effects like ‘dissolve’, fade in fade out for both images and music. Scaling of images can also be done through coding, along with the colour of the menu buttons etc. Everything can be changed with just a few lines of code or editing of the original!

Renpy really makes things easier than Flash. I made use of some Royalty Free Music from youtube and convert them to .mp3 format using the website ,, while the images are taken from my group-mates who designed/gained them from some supposedly royalty free sources.

Much of the problem has been solved now and all that is left is for me to draw more characters as avatars for the game, along with tweaking/editing of the background picture to give a feel of morning, day or night for further realism. Characters conversations has been smoothed out and reedited from the original ones, as I felt that the latter is a bit too long or wordy. I found that a shorter and simple sentence fits the visual story as it also depends on visuals to tell the story, so I try to focus less on the words, though they are still important.

Next I’m going to try exporting the app to Android for testing of the platform, however, I run into some weird problem that prevents me from doing so. It could be something to do with the coding it seems. Gonna check out the forums again for better understanding of the code error.

Meanwhile, Goldilock’s Avatars are finished, but I must admit I’m starting to run out of ideas on how to make her stand out. As she is a performer in this story, I tried to give her a more funky looks, with glasses, and star tattoo on her cheek, together with purple hair. I felt that this character still lacks something essential to have it at the same level as Gretel or the Witch, so gonna ask the group to hear their opinions in this!

GoldelockNormal GoldelockSad

Day, Night, Morning changes to background

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 01.13.35 Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 01.14.06 Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 01.14.29


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