Script to Film 10: Starting of Post Production and Issues

Easter ends and we show our first edit to Dom for review. And…as I thought and suspect, some of the shots are really bad, worse than I thought. I guess this happens when a group mate does not know very well about his own camera ability. Too many of the shots are placed in weird positions and some even cut off the actors’ face! Furthermore, he cuts the video almost immediately when the action ends, preventing a smooth edit as almost every scenes are cut very abruptly. However, I am glad that there are also some very good scenes that display the atmosphere and symbolism which we have planned in the script.

Overall, it is bad enough that we may have to reshoot some of the stuff. However, there is something weird going on. The director is also doing his own editing, completely separate from the editor’s. I feel that this is quite unnecessary; rather than doing it together, we have now two separate editors that are working on two different versions. If the submission time is still months away, it maybe fine, but it is now left only 4 weeks. If this still continues, I have decided to tell him straight. We are working as a team, so it’s better that we do not do things separately, especially regarding editing.


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