Interactive Media 5 : More Designs

For the past few days, it’s mostly spent on character redesigns, giving them modern twists; a modern fairytale. It is a world filled with dread yet colourful.

For Gretel case, she is completely redesigned from the original draft. I feel that the main heroine has to stand out more and unique personality and look. The original draft is too generic and plain. I gives her the blonde hair, which is same as Hansel, but in addition, she is made to have dyed her hair blue at her ends. This colour is quite often seen nowadays and is relatable to the modern world.

I cut her hair short, from the long one in the original, to make her seem more independent and a stronger girl. ‘Candy’ eyepatch is added at almost the last stage, just make her stand out even more. Her clothing of brown and striped cloth underneath is made to contrast with her hair colour, so as to not take too much attention away from the face.

For the witch, she has been 100% redesigned, using one of the pictures drawn by a group mate, which I used as reference. She is now more traditional looking, but with a rainbow hair to give contrast to her villain roles, and that since her house is made of candies, the hairstyle is designed to resemble similar stuff. Her shirt is toned down so as not to be too colourful that it distracts people away from the face.

Mr Wolfe is still the same, just that I give him darker colours to symbolise evilness and cunningness.

Original Reference for the Witch11041882_10153250051124448_5123938376153059616_o

GretelAngry GretelNormal GretelSad GretelSmile WitchesNormal WitchesSad



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