Script to Film 7 : Day of Filming!!

The day has come! The day of filming! Everyone rented out the equipments and I brought some of mine and food too. We set off from the school using Craig’s big van, my first experience travelling in van for filmmaking, took a pretty long time due to picking up others and bad traffic cause of an accident.

There are few lessons I have learnt while doing the first day: We are almost never on time with each scene. The set ups took the most time, and there are still confusion due to the place needed a change in furniture or too small than expected for lightings etc. The actors are mostly left waiting, which I felt quite guilty as we really never plan well enough. We are lucky that the Megan’s role by Maddy is allowed by her mum to act beyond the 3 hour marks, otherwise I feel we couldn’t finish it on time.

I am the First AD, calling with Clapper Board, while helping with set ups and making sure the scene stays the same in the view as the previously shot scenes. I’m lucky I’m able to spot some parts that will utterly destroy the footage, such as Jack holding his glass of wine in one scene and suddenly he’s not in the other shot scene.

Overall, although we wasted a lot of time, we managed to do it within the schedule and all planned shots today have been done, kudos to the team and the brilliant actors!


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