Foley Exercise

Today get to learn on creating foley for sound. Apparently on set recording mostly focused on dialogue, while almost the rest of the sound is done in post production using many ‘cheating’ methods. These methods usually involve everyday objects that just create similar or believable sound seen on screen. I am really surprised at all these tricks, which made me rethink all those objects I have used before that unexpectedly can create the sound effect heard in film.

Then we got to try out many things to redub/redo sounds for Ratouittle , and also learnt some steps for directional mic and equipment ect before recording, adding markers on clips for easier synching, and also fade in/out for most clips, gonna try experimenting it in the future. Since I will be helping out in the sound foley in my Screen Fiction, I gonna see if I can think of good combination of sound to make my own film sounds more professional!



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