Script to Film 6 : More changes to the Script cause of absence of actress

Sadly, I just heard from the director that the actress for Ania couldn’t make it for the last minute and we are really just few days before the date of filming and changes to location date is not possible. Thus we decide to spend a long day in Petra’s house to discuss the script changes, and it will be a pretty drastic changes. The decision comes from eithe having Petra acts as Ania or taking the character out completely from the story.

After some discussion, we decided to do the latter, as Petra is not very keen on acting and wishes to fulfil her role of DoP to the fullest instead of acting. Another reason is we realise having one less character to deal with actually helps to increase interactions between characters more meaningful. Where once Sophia’s role is lesser than Ania, it is now Sophia who has the full interaction with both Megan and Jack. Alas, we managed to make minima changes in the front, relegating all Ania’s lines to Sophia instead, but it is the ending that is now completely different. Gone were the ambiguous ending, the loss of Ania means everyone knows who’s the killer is and instead we figure out how to make it realistic : the killing process.

I did new storyboards for all of these as soon as they updated it in google drive, and I kind of feel it’s a blessing in disguise. The story is more believable now with much greater interactions between characters. Hope we are able to film everything smoothly.  😀




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