Script to Film 5 : Auditioning Ania’s role

Today Patrick and I use Google Hangout to audition with an actress from Bath, who will be auditing the roles of the nanny, Ania. It is my first time participating in the audition as I miss the first one last time and it is pretty fun, even though we did not do it face to face and I have to be contented with my phone screen instead of a laptop due to it being spoilt at a wrong timing.

I took the roles of Megan, Sophia and Jack, and from what I have seen and heard, the new actress is pretty decent. She has years of experience in acting in short films, and this actually shows during the reading of the script. Her emotion, tones and facial expressions is able to capture the role of Ania well. it’s just too bad we couldn’t get to see her face to face.

Everything is captured by Patrick, so hopefully we can review the footage fast and decide on whether to take her or not, though it will definitely cost us more money, but I feel that it is worth it to make a good film.


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