Script to Film : Researching Roles —– Producer

Green C (2008) It’s less glamorous than directing, but film producing can be the reel deal (BLOG) The Independent[ONLINE] Available from: [Accessed on 7/3/2015]

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My main role is that as a Producer, which is a role that I have never really keen to take up before. It is probably due to an urge to do something different that I decided to go for this particular role which plays a bigger part overall in this project. I have a limited knowledge on this role, with most being assumptions that a Producer handles the paperwork and ensuring the team is doing well and on time.

I started to research more on this special role, as it seems in general, people would  more likely to prefer being an actor or director in the film industry rather than a producer. Producer fits into a special category, to me, that seems to be very involved in a film not as a specialist, but as an overall. A good producer does not seem to need to be very good at any part of the process like editing or directing, as these are taken by editors and directors themselves. From numerous sources, it is well defined that a director is someone “with vision”. He is able to “tell a great script from a mediocre one” and then works to “secure funding” in order to make it a reality. In other words, a producer is a realist, or at least has similar mindset, knowing that a good film is not created with just passion alone.

What’s more, a Producer is truly the leader of the entire crew. He is a”person on a movie set who makes sure everyone shows up and knows what to do when—and who knows beforehand what’s being served for lunch. The producer is the person who shows up on set only when there’s trouble,” I get the feeling that this is much of a role that works behind the scene, making sure everything goes smoothly and settling any problems that might occur during production. It is a role that requires multi-tasking, since it requires working together with everyone in the crews like the director and actors. It also requires flexibility, as the work is never constant, especially when “the film is in the development phase, a producer might be working closely with a few people for months; during shooting, they’ll suddenly be in charge of a crew of 50 or more.”

A Producer needs to be good in many skills, an all-rounder who understands every part of the film process, from pre-production all the way through the post-production. It’s best described as a job for “people who aren’t amazingly good at one thing, but are good at a lot of things.” Jack of all trades yet Master of None is what it seems like to me, though I believe that the Producer is the key to make good films. This is further stated in one of the posts, “a good producer is the sine qua non of filmmaking.” It just goes to show the importances of a good producer, that makes him essential in a film crew. However, he also has to deal with “tantrums and threats and pushes” from all sorts of people like arrogant actors or eccentric directors in order to complete the film. A hard role indeed.

It seems that I have taken a role that will require lots of responsibility and the needs to work with all members of the group at any time, definitely different from my past roles. Looks like this is a good chance for me to gain invaluable experience to find out whether I could fit the requirements of a Producer.


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