Interactive Media 3 : More Character Designs &

Today yet designed more characters to complete overall looks, well on time before our tutorials. Before this, my group has managed to consolidate everything and everyone knows about the changes and well informed. We have outlined many of the things we are supposed to do in great details.

For mine, I am doing mostly graphic works, so aside from character designs, I am also partially helping out with the poster and video of the ransom. By working together with those who are in charged of the marketing, we decide to pool in all ideas into a google drive for easier organisation.

Lastly, I am also helping out with programming with Flash as I have a bit of prior experience with it before, I really didn’t expect I would get to make use of my skills in many parts of the project, but I feel that this will really let me be more multi-talented. Good training before things become harder in the future, really excited to make our game app one of the best ever!!!

11043024_10205335252455195_7330225825223427397_n 11047915_10205335252615199_4248254136076552667_n


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