Learning Flash

Today is learning flash to do some simple effect of the Matrix Blue and Red pills glow. Though I have learnt about it before, I kind of forgot about the functions. I got confused over many stuff like which layers or scripts to apply onto the symbol etc.

I have always loathe ActionSript 3 as it is one of the most difficult computer language to learn compare to JavaScript. It is not really understandable using simple english. I fail my red pills even though I follow what others did, there’s always errors in unknown places. Worse, it doesn’t show me which part is wrong.

I must learn more about Flash, which I will use some tutorials provided by the lecturer and maybe online tutorial. Looks like it will be quite hard to do transmedia if I don’t know a little skill in this 😦


Avid part 2

Today finally able to go around doing simple editing using Avid in the workshop. Thanks to the previous lesson notes and also using Youtube to learn some of the shortcuts, I have seen how it is actually pretty simple and practical using it. This is especially true to mark in/out and splice in to make editing each clip easier with me knowing which part of the clip is used previously. Definitely makes me more appreciative of Avid’s features.

Sadly, it is still not as versatile as Premiere Pro, especially in dragging videos or audios and also the need to transcode every single clips, though I do understand the importance of it. After today, I am more confident in using Avid and will try to learn more of the features if I could XD

Script to Film 1 : Deciding Roles

Today we have a short discussion on the roles for all of us. I have always wanted to be director, but this time I decide to take the role of Producer and Storyboard Artist as James is really fired up and even works on his script to list out all changes. Though I feel sad that I could not be the director but I have never been a Producer too, thus I believe that I will also learn more about being everyone’s leader and guiding or assisting them throughout production.

Storyboard wise, I’m gonna try draw a detailed one so it will be easier for us to picture the scenes, though right now still waiting for Craig to let us see the pictures.