Script to Film 3 : Major changes to Script & Location and actors & Storyboard

Today’s meeting has resulted in a pretty major changes to the whole scripts, as the 5 min limitation has been, in m opinion, greatly underestimated by us. After a careful look and read through, we all found that there are just simply too many redundant scenes. I am myself quite amazed at how much works need to be done to filter through necessary and unnecessary scenes, perhaps all good scripts really do require some time to be polished, and first version is not really the best version most of the time.

Luckily, we have some good news in the form of locations and also the auditions of the three girls for Megan’s role, though I was not there, Patrick has kindly taken and uploaded all of the videos to a google drive. From what I have seen, I am really impressed with the three of them, though it’s pretty obvious who will get the roles.

Location has been set and determined to be Craig’s friend who will be acting as Jack. Finally everything can start to go smoothly. Though I have to admit, from now on, I will never fully depend on a person for such important jobs of location and actors. It is pretty annoying that sometimes we couldn’t get the info we need earlier so we could do more pre-production works.

Lastly, I have begun to do storyboard for the scenes and shots, using whatever pictures from Craig’s as references. It will be mostly imagined in my head as he only provides 4 pictures.


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