Editing Sound

Today learnt more on what and how audio is handled in the industry, regardless if it’s film or television footages. But one unique things is that people always disregard audio. There is a mindset that when a video has an off-sync situation, most people will blame the audio department instead of the picture department, even though sometimes it’s the pictures that are off sync in the first place.

Also finally understood on the importance of timecodes, of which there are two kinds, and also codecs. Seem like the common format like h.264 is very undesirable in the editing process due to how it handles audio compression etc, causing much detail to be lost, while one like ProRes or DvPAL handles it well but causes massive file sizes much more than the h.264 etc.

Guess I will really need to study and chose a format soon to streamline my work process in anyway I can!!


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