Script to Film Research: Film Noir

Brody R (2014) “Film Noir”: The Elusive Genre(BLOG) The New Yorker[ONLINE] Available from: %5BAccessed on 18/2/2015]

Ebert R (1995) A Guide to Film Noir Genre(BLOG) Rose Ebert’s Journal[ONLINE] Available from: %5BAccessed on 18/2/2015]

Our first idea of how the film should looked is the style of Film Noir. It is a genre that I’m not very familiar with and all I know is that it employs a huge shadow contrast during the black & white period. With this lack of knowledge in mind, I decided to do some research to see if it is a viable option for our film.

From a website I searched, apparently it is a pretty mysterious genre and is almost always associated with crime drama, at least in the past. It is also a film that is deeply linked to history and real-life events, but there are a major split halfway as seen in that “early noir films created a psychological atmosphere that in many ways marked a response to an increasingly realistic and understandable anxiety—about war, shortages, changing gender roles, and “a world gone mad”—that was distinctive from the later postwar paranoia about the bomb, the cold war.” So in a word, the film noir style relied on story a lot as the visual is more for setting an atmosphere that produces tension. This, in a way, does fit our story that is set in 1950s, which is one of the time period where film noir is a common genre, and also because it evokes tension, which we want to achieve in our film.

In another website that seems to list out many common traits of film noir, one of them is “For men: fedoras, suits and ties” and “A movie which at no time misleads you into thinking there is going to be a happy ending” which somehow described our characters and story very well. For the former, our character is the Father who is a perfectionist and always wear suit and ties, even at home while the latter alludes to the sad ending that we are going to have which involved the murder of one of the parents.

There was just one thing that I’m worried about using this particular style as we really need to adhere to the 1950s era where things are so different from today. I felt that it would be hard to pull it off if we wanted authenticity due to such places normally require pretty high cost to rent. We might need a back-up plan in case this noir style did not work as expected or costs too much.


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