Interactive Media 2 : New Characters and Story Add-ons

Yet more new characters and story branch out are added. This time it is the inclusion of Red Riding Hood being the leader of a revolution to overthrow the witch’s control. Mr Wolfe, a screwed lawyer who is on the side of the Witch has been added in one of the side quests that will involve the 3 Little Pigs and Gretel could choose to save them or sell the pigs out to the wolf. A Morality meter has been added to let the players change the ending depending on what they choose to do after each play through .

3 endings:

Bad : Gretel stole the Witch’s magic hat and becomes the new witch instead

Neutral : Gretel collects enough ransom to save Hansel

Good : Gretel assist Red Riding Hood in overthrowing the Witch, saves Hansel and brings peace to the Enchanted Forest.

Settings have been changed to be more dark and filled with drugs. Hansel is now captured by the witch for tax avoidance and selling porridge(drugs) illegally.

Also, thanks to Kelly, we got ourself a fully functioning app prototype. I knew that this group is really dependable and everyone is doing what they are supposed to do for their roles. Mine is the artist as well as doing the marketing materials like posters and character designs. This is a good teamwork I must say, one of the best group to work with.


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