Script to Film 2 : Problems and Researching roles

Today we discussed more on changes of the script that is deemed necessary to make it better, while also researching into my roles as storyboard artist deeper at the same time.

There is some problem with communication as Craig did not give us the details and pictures of the location like what he said he would, it had already been a week and no info yet. Worse, he’s now in Australia so until he replied, we have no ideas at all of the actors’ capabilities and the suitabilities of the house. Though he did say that for a week in March, we could rent it out as the owners would be out. I feel that this delay in information really affects our production process and schedule. Casting wise is also delayed as we could not contact the actors’ directly, this will be noted next time to straight away ask the casters to post all actor’s info in facebook or at least in some forms for us to use.

Lastly, out script is getting more complicated as Dom explained some reasonable changes or ideas that I feel will really develop the story. Currently, the constraint is the 5mins mark, hope we can discuss more on this.


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