Interactive Media 1: New Module and New Group

Today a new module is launched, which is focused on interactive media marketing, as we are shown various ways people of the film industry markets their film using transmedia, ex Dark Knight Batman film. Our first task is to form a group, I have already known some of them, and they are all wonderful group mates who are dependable fortunately.

Then, we create a fairytale of Hansel & Gretel with a dark and modern twist, using the setting of Enchanted Forest with the likes of Shrek 2, combining various other fairy tales characters like Little Red Riding Hood into the story. After some brainstorming, we finally manage to get a rough story, with the Witch being the head go the Forest but rules with an iron fist and is evil. She kidnaps Hansel for stealing her porridge (drug) and Gretel has got to save him back.

It is more of an interactive game of choices, that branches out to different mini-games which help her gain Magic Beans aka the money in this world. After she got enough, she will be able to pay the ransom and save Hansel. We plan to get 2 – 3 different endings.

So far everything is going well and each of the team members contribute, I feel that this time it’s a bit different from last group where some will be absent for no reason, at least the people in my team wants to do it and we are able to cooperate well till the completion of the project.

10394045_10155143799625641_7648080891952911259_n 10917343_10155143799730641_7945651655174037104_n 10959877_10155143799480641_4804625552717272447_n


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