Location Sound Part 2 : Timecoding & More

Today learnt more about timecodes and some professional methods to sync sounds and clips.

3 of them are:

. Clipper Board (traditional)
. Using timecode
. Sync Software (not 100% reliable if audio is too noisy)

Best is to use all three at same time. Apparently there are some devices that can broadcast timecode or record timecode from the camera to the rest so everything will be in same timecode, making synching extremely easy with the right software.

There are some new stuff that I learnt today of filmmaking world, that is timecode is really essential and also all equipment need to be able to have timecode so as to be considered professional equipments, otherwise it’s considered prosumer.

We get to try out using clipper boards and use the camera for a few takes, with each of us taking turns of different roles of sound and camera instead. Plenty of fun but also makes learning much easier with practical experiments XD


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