Creating Screen Fiction part 5 : Final Editing and Real Recording

Today is the recording day. I rush to the Mac Pro to finish up more versions of the green screen background and also the credits list from Holly’s name. The credit is done twice because the first one miss out our vision mixer by Petra.

There is some oversight that I did not expect when I was shooting the tunnel. It is the perspective, because instead of eye level, I shot it from lower angle looking up, causing the actors to look miniature and the background ‘people’ looks bigger than them when walking past. This is a really huge error that I should take note next time. Luckily, we could position the studio camera to shoot from same angle and it looks better.

Thanks to the 4K footage downgraded to 1080p, it looks sharper than a normal 1080p footage, almost making it like a still but with some subtle movements like the water ripple which really makes it look organic and damp. It brings out the intended mood.

The shoot went off well, though with some errors from the vision mixer, sound problems and also the cameraman forgetting where to position it. Overall, I must say with the amount of time given, we did pretty well, our actors did better than I expected and the jokes and changes to the script is actually hilarious.

However I think I could do much better. One last thing is that the green screen is screwed up a bit at the end when it actually shows some cables and the floor, which really destroy the ambience all of a sudden. Something to take note of again next time.





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