Creating Screen Fiction part 4: Shooting Tunnels and Editing

Today started shooting for the green screen at a tunnel near Marketgate, lead by Kelly and then met a few of the other members preparing their camera there, but I decided to use my GH4 instead for 4k footage for much more detailed footage.

I chose an angle facing the stairway, with one of the other members suggesting I include the pool of water at the bottom for a good reflection and addition to make the scene more lively. Though I want to shoot the walls itself for easier angle that is suitable for green screen in the studio, but the staircase scene seems better in bringing out the mood with some people walking past, making it more natural and organic.

After shooting some different takes so that I could have choices to play around, rush back to school to edit as my computer is not strong enough to handle 4K footages. The school’s Mac Pro is , luckily, powerful enough to do that and I slowly added the ‘trippy’ and ‘dark’ effect that the director wanted. But I feel that it will distract the audience when the background is fighting for attention with the actors, thus I created a few different versions and selected one that is colour graded but with no effects added to make it a suitable background.

Also, I shortened the Title duration shorter so that it would fit the overall length of the drama scene.




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