Creating Screen Fiction part 3 : Title making and Blocking

Today is the creating of Title using pills that I bought from Tesco on the green mat itself. I suggested the idea of Ben forming the letter with the pills one by one while I video the process and take picture of the completed letter. I plan to fast forward the process to make it almost stop animation like. Then, at the end, I will form the full title : Brief Encounter.

I spend most of the time editing the video and images and stitch them together using Premiere Pro, while the removal of green screen is done with After Effect. I had planned to use Avid, but as I am not that skilled and also because of shortage of time, I decided to use Premiere Pro instead since I have been using it for years.

Photoshops are also used to remove some green screen to form the full title using images rather than using videos. I felt that a music would make it much better but for now it seems everyone is satisfied with this, maybe I will ask the director or the sound guy for help on this issue.

Also, my group has started the blocking with all walls set up, look mighty impressive since this is the first time I have seen the processes!10877674_10205005691536378_1567443800_n




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