Lighting and Location

Today we learn a new workshop teaching all about lighting and it’s equipments.

First, learn the dangers of lighting equipments:

1. Heat
– Must use gloves to prevent hands from getting burnt
– May cause bulb to melt

2. Bright
– May blind people, which is not what you want
– Warn others before activating any light
– Use a hand to cover first

3. Tripping/Falling
– From cables
– May need to use tape to cover them up
– May need use sandbags for heavier light equipments

4. Electricity
– Electrocution from strong currents
– May cause blackout if no safety measures taken

Indeed, there are some of the precautions I have paid less attention to in the past, especially the Blindness part, which can ruin a day’s shooting, if any actors or important roles are blinded and unable to perform their part well.

Importance of light:

– Exposure/Illuminate on subjects
– Create depth, 3D effect
– Mood/style

Finally, we also learn of 3 Point Lighting, including the strongest light (Key Light) for main source of light on subject, then a Fill light for covering shadows caused by Key Light. Lastly is Back light, to give the sense of depth on the subject and alienate it from the background. All these have been learnt by me previously in my high school’s course, but it still does the trick of reminding me each of their functions.

But there’s new stuff that I learnt today. They are types of light and colour temperature, the latter which I have never considered to be a significant factor in conveying mood and it’s usage.

Colour temperature uses Kelvin scale, with a normal tungsten light emitting a warm orange 3200k , suitable for skin tones. Fluorescent light is more cooling at 5600K, bluish and cold. It really depends on what style I want to use I found.

Disadvantage of Tungsten:
1. Get hot easily
2. Causes subject to feel the heat

Disadvantage of Fluorescent:
1. Not suitable for skin tones

Disadvantage of LED:
1. Uneven brightness

However, we are able to use filters to change the properties, like from cold to warm etc.

Lastly, I also learnt that camera could change setting to allow warm or cold light to be set to normal so any subjects shot will retain the natural look.


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