Creating Screen Fiction part 2 : Planning and Preparation

Today woke up pretty early to get to the ‘supposed’ group meeting for all Design Team plus producer and director.

Met with James and he already talked and explained everything to the Art Director on the style, costumes or anything art related stuff. Then, the Art Director, Director, Producer, An actor and I went to the canteen for further discussion.

I ask their personal views and ideas on what to include for the green screen. They have decided to make the style looks modern and dirty. One idea is to shoot in a tunnel, under the ‘railway’. I suggested it to be moving still clip, so that it looks more natural and much more organic and catching to the eye. The director adds on to make it into a timelapse, which I think it’s a pretty cool idea. As the character can be in front of the green screen, and we make the background moves slower to depict certain emotion, like Laura being shocked to hear Alec is leaving, and she wishes the time to slow down or stop completely. I gave the idea of time reversal, which may further emphasise that she wants time to turn back, to the beginning of their relationship. The group thinks it’s a good idea and we will need to experiment more on it.

Then, it is about Title and Credit list, they want me to do some animations using pills to form the Title cover. As the story is sort of like drugs related, this actually helps to set the style to the audience right from the beginning. For the credit list, the director plans to use a toilet roll to roll down the credits, though I think it’s not really relevant. But for now this is the only available idea, we may find more new ideas when we discuss with the rest of the group in facebook.

Finally, we set the dates to shoot, the tunnel one will be shot next Tuesday, while the Credit or Title is most likely on next Monday. I’m glad that the producer and director is working hard for their roles, as I see other groups missing really many people.

Hope everything goes well as we plan or turns out even better XD



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