Creating Screen Fiction Part 1 : Grouping and Deciding Roles

Today is the beginning of a new module by the name of Creating Screen Fiction, where we start off with a reproduction of a famous film, Brief Encounter. We are given two scenes of the characters interacting.

The difference is, we will be using the studio for Multi-Camera set-up, which is stated to save more time and able to shoot more per day than a single camera set-up, at the cost of less choices for lighting optimisation. Since we will be in the studio, we were briefed by many lecturers, including new ones that come here just to teach this section.

After the brief, we went into our group, and decided the role. There were some people missing, but eventually we sorted it out. I choose to be Graphic Designer, as I have worked on graphic related field previously and would like to make use of this skill in a production. This would be my first time applying this skill in a studio production.

I was taught with the other visual mixers and graphic designer in the gallery. It’s my first time doing things here and thanks to Michelle, I finally learn small part of the machine and how it works. Apparently each button has already be labelled and thus is easy to know which one is connected to the current screen. Learn to fade in and out using a special slider, which you can control how fast to fade.

Finally, I learn the software, Clarity, which is essential for my role as it is the software to change graphic. The interface is old and not really intuitive like After Effect. I still wonder why they never upgrade to a newer one, that software is already decade old. Nevertheless, I learn that :

Page one better leave blank as it may likely cause problem later on (a glitch maybe??)
There are essentially two parts of the software, one to edit the image, one to cue and take image to impose onto the live screen.
However, you can actually cue and take impose image using the edit version, though it is more troublesome.
Black means transparent,not white.

I play a bit with the software, pretty fun, but less shortcuts to use and mainly need mouse. Learn to edit text, add shapes etc. Too bad can’t animate as they say need spend money to add that function LOL

Luckily, I found that half of my group people are some that I have worked with previously.And the others are friendly too. I hope we are able to make a great one.

One positive note: My group is fast in doing things, like deciding roles and knowing what they want to do.


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