SISE Evaluation

Our final group project is to make a 2 minutes video that combines what we learn from our own individual SISE for sound, still image and moving images. Our aim for the project is to show the viewers a sense of place of our desired location, letting them experience the place visually and sonically through the creative combination of the three mediums.

The place that we have chosen is The Lanes, a bar in City Centre that has bowling lanes, pool tables, karaoke room and a casual dining place. It is often frequented for bowling activities or just for people wanting to try some activities while drinking with friends.

When we visited the place, we were interested to show the fun relaxed atmosphere of the place, in contrast to the outside world, aka City Centre. Music played in the bar has an upbeat tone to it, and the walls are fairly soundproof that the road construction outside could barely be heard inside at all. The only louder sounds are just the bowling ball hitting the pins in the 5 lanes.

We discussed on how to start the pre-production process, and I suggested a timeline which encompasses bowling, pool and drinks. The beginning shows and introduce the lanes in first person(goPro) going into the door and then start playing bowling. I also planned to add some shots from different angles to show the space of the venue, as well as the people’s reaction from the other side of the lanes.

On the day of shooting itself, we set up 2 DSLR and started playing and having fun for the whole period. This, in particular, is important to present to the viewer that The Lanes is meant for people having fun during such activity. The sounds of sighing, cheering , balls hitting the pins or going into the gutter makes the whole place more lively and serves its purpose.

Our techniques of fading in blurring shot by focusing on individual components slowly or quickly helps to smooth the pace of the clip. Chairs, tables, bar counters and ball rolling are filmed separately, with each scene resembling still images to capture the detail and present them in a way that shows how they fit the place itself.

One unexpected interesting ideas came to us when the owner allows us to visit the back of the bowling lanes, revealing to us how the machinery works from behind the counter to pick up fallen pins and delivers the ball back to the player through a special tube. This gives a whole new point of view that is normally not seen normally by players. We try to capture this process in as great detail as we can.

Showing viewers two different worlds, and a world within a world; just like the upbeat world inside a bar inside the City Centre, while exploring the unknown mechanism that work behind the scenes of the bowling lanes, these perspectives captures the viewer’s attention, their mind learning something new from watching something which they hardly know about before, and that, too, is part of our aims.


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