500 Words Evaluation of Sweding/Tv Studio Workshop & Bristol Media Industry

Evaluation of the Sweding and TV Studio workshops

This is my first time doing Sweding and also getting invokved in TV Studio workshops. Before this, I have only small experience in handling camera and sounds mics, while I have never done Sweding-like shots, which emphasize the importantness of each shooting of a clip, instead of shooting many times to get the desired outcome.

For the Sweding process, I have learnt that improvisation is the key, as we are not allowed to edit it in post-production, everything has to be set up nicely and according or very close to what you desired in a scene. Also, with no special effect able to be inserted, we have to improvise, like changing the white balance to make a different color grading on the fly for different effects. We have to take into account of the angles and how we can shoot it physically possible.

As for TV Studio workshops, I have found that each role is really important. I am the Floor Manager in the workshop, and I learnt that communication is very important, especially between me and the director in the control room, if any of us did our job badly, it will hamper the interview process and all of us have to restart again. I have to be able to communicate with those in the room to transmit to them what the director wants while also make sure nothing goes wrong during the filming.

Bristol media industry

Bristol is one of the cities that are known for it’s creative media, especially in the England West Region, where it is one of the biggest player in this industry. Upon arriving in Bristol, I found that it is very different, like say, London, as the moment I step into this city, multiple arts installaltion can be seen anywhere, from walls to even pavements! The creativity of the people in Bristol is really one of a kind and the city allows the people to express them freely. As a result, street arts is in abundance and creative companies continue to increase their presence in this unique area.

According to one of the interviews with an alumni who had worked in BBC, James Dalby, he had said that Bristol’s famous for it’s media. BBC sets up one of their branches here, and there are many people who set up companies , and most of them are usually alumnis from UWE media courses. This makes making connections with the industry here easier as they have gone through almost the same road and able to find success.

These really inspired me as I find that getting into such industry will normally be a difficult process in other cities. Though it is still difficult, I am more rest assured of getting in due to past experiences of the aluminis and also on the attitude of media that Bristol has paid attention to.

Countess indie films are shown throughout the various placed bars or cafes, signifying the small but growing popularity of such platforms that allows beginner filmmmakers to showcase their films and this helps the media production and distribution easier in Bristol.


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