Technical Workshop: Tascam Mic

This is another technical workshop where we got to learn to use Tascam and the shotgun mic/boom mic. Tascam is a professional portable sound recorder that is able to record high definition sound that is used in filming, around 24bit 48khz.

We are separated into 3 man groups and I was with Tom and Pete. We test out interviewing the people in canteen to test the sound quality, then experimented with creating all sorts of sounds and noises, like footsteps, chatting and swinging the boom mic.

Had fun time doing and learning to operate the system, which thankfully is not overly complex. This workshop makes me value sounds in media more as I can really feel that sound plays equal role as visual in Films. Just by playing a sound, we can form story or even feel the emotion of the characters, atmosphere or just the pace of the actions.


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