Technical Workshop : Pro Tools & Studio Editing

Today we are introduced to a new software, though I have actually used it before back in Singapore. It is Pro Tools, made by same company as Avid Media Composer.

Pro tools main purpose is a digital audio workstation, with features such as lots of soundtracks layers and effects. For the first day, we get to experiment adding sound follies from libraries into a German short clips. The clip is silent, and I have added wind, footsteps, forest and birds sound in the background to make it believable.

The process is really fun to do, while it also highlight the importance of sound influences on our rendition of a clip. Different sounds can make the same clips have different atmosphere to the audience.

On the second lesson, we get to dissect Interstellar Trailer, knowing what sound is recorded on screen or recorded separately. Aside from these, I also get to know the decision on what sounds are to be added to a scene.

After that, each of us guess how to to make the foley sound effects, taking cues from old Disney cartoon which use everyday object to create the desired sound. Alas, there are same sound effect, such as Wilhelm scream, a stock screaming sound effect used in over 300 movies from the past till now. Some production companies buy sounds copyright to be used over multiple films instead of creating original ones to save cost.

Really learnt to appreciate importance of sound in these two lessons, which gives a new perspective of sound creation process that is normally not thought of first when we watch a film, but still it is a very important aspect that separates a good film from bad ones.


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