Visual Story Telling Shooting Last Part

There was quite a bit of changes in the planning. Firstly, it’s due to the actor suddenly unable to come on the agreed time and we have no choice but to use one of our group members, Mat, who willingly acts out for his parts, which I think he did a great job at.

We met slightly later as the schedule changes at Aaron’s place before proceeding to find flowers and rings at Strokecroft. It was quite a long walk as we face challenges of finding a ring that suits Mat’s finger. And the day has become darker and we have to make do with ambience lights to shoot, as opposed to the planned afternoon time. If only the actor shows up, as he has everything.

Finally, we manage to shoot all of the scenes, and I am able to record most foley and ambience sounds, job well done, and now awaiting till tomorrow to edit them all out XD






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