Technical Workshop: Avid

This is my first time touching Avid, and everything seems so foreign to me! As I am a Premiere Pro user, the importing and transcoding part is new to me. It seems that Avid makes it a point that everyone use the same transcoded format to favour consistency across all media files. To me, this is actually an important thing in a film production company to prevent mishap happening from incompatible file formats.

Avid editing is non-linear, but it’s not as straightforward as Premiere Pro where you know where to insert clips, add effects or simply just cut it to next clips etc. I have a hard time getting used to it and mostly depend of the teacher or Youtube tutorials to get my way through. Sadly, Avid is pretty power hungry and my computer seems to be unable to run it smoothly and crashing is a common sight even when using the school’s powerful Mac Pro!

In the future, as currently it is the industry standard, I will keep on learning to use it so that I will have the necessary skills for future project in the industry….if only Premiere Pro, which I hope can be the standard one day in a not so far off future. XD


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